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Specializing in user-centered web design, I craft experiences that prioritize usability and engagement, aiming to exceed user expectations and achieve business results

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Chosen by hundreds of businesses for high-convertion web design

Discover my professional path in web design

Dive into my professional journey where I discuss the evolution of my design philosophy, highlight key projects and share insights gained from years of creating user and business-centered web designs.

With this brief introduction you will get a glimpse into how I approach challanges and innovate solutions that not only meet but exceed user expectations.

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Creating sophisticated web solutions with purpose

With a deep understanding of the psychological principles behind UX design, I adeptly transform complex user flows into refined interfaces. My technical proficiency allows me to translate these interfaces into functional web experiences that prioritize clarity and effectiveness, ensuring that both user and business goals are seamlessly met.

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Advanced Webflow development

Leveraging Webflow, I build responsive and dynamic websites that stand out in both functionality and aesthetics.

My front-end programming expertise enables me to integrate custom features that enhance user interaction and performance, transforming each website into a seamless experience.

User-centered design

I apply psychological frameworks and insights to craft intuitive and engaging interfaces that meet user needs and drive both user satisfaction and business results.

My designs are tailored to streamline interactions and maximize usability, ensuring our projects not only look great but also function beautifully.

Strategic on-site SEO

I ensure that every website I design is optimized for search engines from the ground up.

By integrating SEO principles with web design and development practices, I enhance your site's visibility, attracting more traffic and accelerating the achievement of your business objectives.

Featured work


BelloCopo it's a leading industrial manufacturer in Brazil, specializing in plastic disposables. With the primary goal to enhance the catalog visibility, I used the Webflow CMS to virtualize our catalog. And utilized Webflow native and custom interactions to increase the website engagement.


As the lead on this project, I handled market research, structured the website, designed the UI, wrote copy, directed creative strategy, and developed the site using Webflow.

BelloCopo website mockup

Fiesta Party Festa

Fiesta Party Festa is an e-commerce company specializing in children's party supplies. Faced with the challenge of increasing the click-through rate and average order value, I led a comprehensive overhaul of their website.
This redesign dramatically improved user engagement, increasing the click-through rate by 112.5% and boosting the average order value by 17%.


As the project lead, I conducted UX analysis, created wireframes, designed the UI, and developed the site using Twig.

Fiesta Party Festa website mockup

Rica Mello

Rica Mello is a prominent entrepreneurship influencer with businesses generating over half a billion reais annually.
My task was to design a sophisticated portfolio website that highlights his extensive expertise, successful ventures, public engagements, and his Exponential Club product, without overwhelming users.


As the project lead, I was responsible for UX analysis, UI design, copywriting, and developing the website using Cockpit Headless CMS with traditional coding techniques.

Rica Mello website mockup

OSC 360°

OSC 360 provides specialized technical assistance and enhances the management of Civil Society Organizations, aiming to improve the quality of their services and products. The challenge was to create a website that not only highlights the services and courses offered but also engages users effectively to generate a high volume of inquiries.


As the UI designer and web developer, I crafted an intentional website tailored to communicate directly with the target audience.

OSC 360° website mockup

Exponential Community

Exponential Community is a premier initiative by Rica Mello, aimed at establishing Brazil's first business management community. This platform facilitates high-level networking among entrepreneurs and offers direct access to Exponential Consultants and Rica Mello himself.


As the project lead, I was responsible for market research, UX analysis, UI design, copywriting, and web development.

Exponential Community website mockup

LR Viagens

LR Viagens specializes in managing national and international travel, ensuring security while optimizing client's time and investment. The project objective was to clearly present the company's services and showcase primary travel destinations.


As the designer and developer, I was responsible for the UI design, copywriting, and web development. I crafted a minimal yet high-converting website, incorporating subtle animations to enhance the user experience without overwhelming the content.

LR Viagens website mockup

User-centered web design specialist

Hello! I'm Henrique, a UX/UI designer with a talent for turning complex technical challenges into seamless web experiences. My career began in front-end development, where I quickly embraced UX principles to better meet user needs.

With over 400 websites under my belt, my work blends aesthetic finesse with functionality, ensuring each design not only looks great but also enhances user interaction.

Driven by a passion to deliver impactful results, I am eager to bring my expertise to a team that values innovative, user-centered solutions.

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What my Clients Are Saying

I am deeply grateful for the trust my clients place in my work and for their willingness to share their experiences. Each project is a partnership aimed at creating impactful and meaningful digital solutions.

Please note that the testimonials below have been translated from Portuguese to ensure accessibility for all readers.

Salvador Maccarone Neto

Director of Business Development at Agrocorsi Indústria e Comércio de Fosfato Bicálcico Ltda.

I recommend him to anyone with great satisfaction. Henrique is a professional who has AUTHORITY in what he does, he is EFFICIENT and HIGHLY QUALIFIED in his skills, and he has my total recognition for his merit. In addition to having extensive experience in various projects, he builds his projects (as if they were for himself) and evidently in accordance with the client's interests, in a serious, transparent, and very responsible manner.

Italo Santana Santos

Owner of Best Caça Vazamentos, Rayo Caça Vazamentos and Casa do Vazamento

Henrique demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment, consistently meeting deadlines and exceeding our expectations.

Valério Pedroso Gonçalves

Founder of OSC 360°, Instituto Contexto Social, and various other Civil Society Organizations, and holds a Master's degree in Law

Innovative design, meets established deadlines, and performs the service with commitment!

Paulo Albino Cabral

Owner of AJATO Caça Vazamentos

Henrique has been instrumental in transforming our website with his innovative design and expert knowledge in UX. His ability to understand and deliver on our needs while ensuring the site is both visually appealing and functionally seamless is commendable. It's rare to come across a web designer who not only delivers exceptional quality but also deeply cares about the client's objectives. We highly recommend Henrique to any business seeking to enhance their digital presence.